Property Managers

Whether Your Managing Properties For Your Company Our Clients, We’ve Got You Covered

It’s Easier Than You Think…

5 major challenges for property managers:

  1. Budgeting/Controlling Costs
  2. Finding Quality Vendors
  3. Finding & Keeping Quality Tenants
  4. Time Management/Bandwidth
  5. Something Else

Multiple properties, no problem. Consolidating and managing all your tasks, lists, inventory, updates and maintenance for multiple properties will save you time and money. We’ll help you better manage your properties, reducing errors or omissions for your company or the customers’ properties you manage.

By tracking warranties and guarantees of all the mechanical and structural components at various properties along with applicable maintenance requirements, you’ll not only reduce costly repairs, parts and or the replacement of the original component.

We made TRAXSUM with you, the Property Manager in mind:

  • Manage all your properties with one centralized account
  • Stay on top of maintenance schedules and tasks per property
  • Manage budgets, costs, photos, receipts and more for all remodel projects
  • Take an inventory of all the equipment, appliances, fixtures and more
  • Use any mobile, tablet, or desktop device to access your account
  • Safely store all the important documents about properties you manage
  • Get email alerts and news feed recommendations to manage the home
  • Share a property profile with your customer to mutually access the same data

An Extremely Focused Approach

We Focus On Tracking What Matters…

  • Content & Collections
  • Maintenance & Renovations
  • Warranties & Guarantees
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“The team at Traxsum is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year over year growth due to their progressive approach.”

Melissa Dean Client
Melissa Dean

Property Manager