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HomeZada creates a template home inventory for you right at sign-up. Easily personalize the inventory by taking and uploading photos of all your rooms and items. Estimate the value of your personal property to make sure you are properly insured. Be prepared with your inventory and documents safely stored in case your home is ever damaged or destroyed.

Record, upload and playback videos for every room in your property. Use HomeZada’s advanced recognition A.I. technology to automatically detect inventory item objects in the video. Use the recognition technology to take photos of receipts that converts it to text to provide more details for your inventory.

Use multiple dashboards to assess the total value of your home inventory to make sure you are properly insured. Print a Household Inventory PDF that includes your itemized home inventory along with photos and share with your insurance agent to determine your insurance needs as well as if you ever have to file a claim.


Of Home Owners

Do Not Have A Home Inventory List. For Those That Do, 83% Are Not Currently Up To Date



Are Required To Build A New Home. The Avg. Home Owner Now Has Over 300,000 Items In Their Home


Of Home Owners

Do Not Know Exactly Where All There Warranty And Other Importnat Documents Are Located

An Extremely Focused Approach

We Focus On Tracking What Matters Most To Home Owners;

  • Content & Collections
  • Maintenance Programs & Fees
  • Renovation Projects & Budgets
  • Warranties & Guarantees


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